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Daniele Giovannucci is a systems thinker, author, and lecturer on sustainable development themes. He is the co-founder (2005) and President of the Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA) — a consortium of more than 60 global institutions advancing innovative ways to measure and manage sustainability.

Building on his first career as a senior business executive in the processing and export of eco-certified agricultural products from Latin America, his innovative approach blending science, business, and technology, has now opened many new opportunities for delivering and scaling sustainability in more than 40 countries. His ability to discern sustainability trends with strategic clarity is frequently applied with diverse clients ranging from the Governments of China, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico to leading brands such as Coca-Cola, Mars, and McDonalds.

A former Senior Consultant at The World Bank and founding member of its Markets and Agribusiness Thematic Team, he has also led multinational teams focused on national strategies and large-scale evaluations for institutions such as the International Finance Corporation, International Fund for Agriculture Development, the US Agency for International Development, and the International Trade Centre.

His early investments in technology to drive sustainability innovation has put him at the forefront of developments such as CAPI, Common Global Indicators, and impact-based management. Today, he is an advocate for pragmatic approaches, such as the democratization of data and the human-scaling of advanced technologies that engage farming communities more effectively in their own resilient development.

His public service includes a United Nations appointment to lead the 70-strong expert team formulating the strategic input to the Food and Agriculture strategy for the 21st century. In academia, his work includes review and editorial guidance for various scientific and professional publications and teaching in various capacities – from Environmental Standards Seminars for Chinese Government officials (World Bank Institute), to a Master’s degree course on sustainability for scholars from across the Mediterranean region (CIHEAM), to international business seminars (University of Pennsylvania Wharton School).

Downloads of his more than 70 books and professional papers rank in the top 1% of the more than 400,000 professional authors tracked by the Social Science Research Network.

Daniele serves in local government and community organizations where he resides, with his family and a menagerie of not-so-tame animals, including an armadillo, on a small coastal island in Florida (U.S.) where he is committed to creating a purposeful life.