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Relatedness - connecting people to each other and exchanging knowledge, products, and opportunities - is one of the vital keys for ending hunger.

 1 in 7 of us on this planet
can't get enough food to
remain alive.

Shockingly, there is enough food
to feed everyone, and still...

 A child dies every 3
seconds because of hunger
or food related illness.

This devastating reality is simply

 We have the ability to
make a difference.

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Achieving a sustainable interface between local empowerment and global markets is my profession and part of my personal commitment to the idea that hunger and abject poverty are not inevitable.

This site is dedicated to freely sharing facts about hunger and about the practical tools that can make a difference in people's lives and work; they include:

• Competitive value chain development
  • Risk Management and Diversification
    • Sustainability Standards
      • Geographical Indications
        • Applied Impact Assessment

I hope you find the information useful,

      Daniele Giovannucci


Certified Green panel attracts crowd in Rio

United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development
Left to right: William Bulmer, Director International Finance Corporation (IFC);
Jason Potts, Founder, Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade (FAST);
Karin Kreider, Director ISEAL;
Hans Peter Egler, Head TP Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO);
Daniele Giovannucci, CEO, Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA);
Sara Scherr, President EcoAgriculture Partners;
Pierre Arcand, Minister of Sustainable Development, Quebec;
Sydney Ribaux, President Équiterre;
Helio Mattar, President Instituto Akatu;
Missing from photo: Mark Halle, Director International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)



After the Harvest: Fighting Hunger in the Coffeelands

In a recent survey of small-scale coffee farmers in Mexico, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, over 67% indicated they were unable to maintain their normal diet for 3-8 months of the year. These are "Los Meses Flacos," or the thin months, when families make ends meet by eating less, eating less expensive foods, or borrowing against their future earnings from coffee. While incredibly complex, recent work suggests it is not unsolvable.

"After the Harvest: Fighting Hunger in the Coffeelands" is a film that brings the day-to-day challenges of the thin months to life in the voices of coffee farmers themselves, and shares the successes of creative projects that have been established to eliminate this annual period of food insecurity.

You can view this 20-minute film at: aftertheharvestorg.blogspot.com

Daniele Giovannucci at SCAA  After The Harvest - Fighting Hunger in the Coffeelands
Introduced by Daniele Giovannucci at the SCAA Symposium in Houston
Narrated by Susan Sarandon

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